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Welcome to My First Ever Blog Post!

Hello my name is Kristin. I am really excited to be doing this! Now get prepared for a mouthful…

I am a bi-racial, Puerto Rican American, female artist navigating a large industry in hopes of becoming a full-time creator.

I was inspired to make this blog because even though I'm a part time artist, I feel like I’m still learning, and I think there are many others who feel that way too.

As an early self-taught artist, I ran into a lot of artist shaming. Everyone seemed to have strong opinions when it came to how to approach making art and what art was. It wasn’t until I went to college that I learned that master artisans created their works with use of aides and not straight from their head.

Thanks to classes and research I now know that artists used photographic references, tracing aids, assistants and even invented a few crazy contraptions. In the past (and sometimes even now) being an artist felt a lot like being a magician. No one really wanted to share how they made their work. Instead, it felt like everyone closely guarded the secrets to their process.

With the advent of social media, there is now a large beautiful artist community looking to work together to thrive. Artists that are willing to share via tutorials, works in progresses, their trials and errors.

So, I created this blog because I felt inspired, and wanted to share what I have learned, am continuing to learn, and want to learn. I believe that if there are things that I wanted to know, chances are, someone else wants to know them too.

Please subscribe and Happy Art-making!

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