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Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

Maybe you’ve got a niece or nephew in art school? Or you’re a spouse or parent who is quickly overwhelmed by the local art store? I know that us artists can be confusing when it comes to knowing what we need or want. I mean what is the difference between a Copic or Sharpie Marker? (joking, joking). So in to make everyone's lives easier this year , I’ve compiled what I think is a fool proof list of things that nearly every artist could use.


Pencil Extenders

We all have stumps of our favorite pencils that we aren’t quite ready to see go. These are especially good for color pencil artists that want to use up every last inch of their favorite colors.Pictured: Derwent Pencil Extender Find it Here: Jerry's Artarama, Approx. Retail - $8.67:

Alvin Big Triple Sharpeners

You can never have too many pencil sharpeners (I have one in my carry case; my desk and I think even my purse). What’s so special about the Alvin Big Triple Sharpeners is that it has three different slots with different blade adjustments that allow you to choose from a mild to severe pencil point. This makes it ideal for getting the perfect pencil edges for shading or crisp outlines.

Find it Here: Jerry's Artarama,

Approx. Retail- $6.12:

Paint Saver Keys

When you can pay something like $26.00 (ouch, thanks cadmium red) for a 1 oz. tube of paint, its easy to understand the desire to be frugal. Help them get every last cent of that back by getting them a pack of Paint Saver Keys. Simply insert on the end and twist towards the cap for no waste usage. Find it Here: Jerry's Artarama, Approx. Retail - $5.80:

Artist Trading Cards

These small cards made of artist quality papers are great for swapping with friends. Get your studio buddies to make small masterpieces that you can keep and display for years to come. I have my own “mini,” art gallery in my studio space that I constantly love to look at.

I recommend getting the assorted pack so

you on hand many different types of paper

for different types of artists.

Find it here at Jerry's Artarama, Approx. Retail

Mix Media Sketch Books

OK, so you can't really fit this in a Christmas stocking, but at this price point I had to add it to the list. These all-purpose pads are great for taking down artistic sketches. They work well with a multiple of medias, and are durable enough support sketches made in watercolor and acrylic. I prefer the Canson dual sided Mix Media Sketchbooks, as they have smooth texture on one side and rougher texture on the other. Pictured: Canson Mix Media Sketch Book Find it here at Jerry's Artarama, Retail - $7.55 & Up:


Portfolio Case

Your fellow artist is going to have to lug their work back and forth for portfolio reviews, installations, or from studio to class and vice a versa. The artist’s equivalent of the workingman’s briefcase, get them a nice one that makes the job less cumbersome and adds some panache when transporting their work. Pictured: Art Voyage Portfolio Case

Find it here at Jerry's Artarama, Retail

- $27.99 & Up:

Artist Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage now, and artist subscription boxes are no different. Especially great for multimedia artists, get them something new to explore every month.Pictured: Sketchbox, Starting at $25.00:

Storage Cart

These three tier wheeled storage carts are extremely handy. All you have to do is set up your stuff and move it to the desired side of your easel or drawing table. Their wheels allow you switch sides for convenience, so if you decide it was better off to your right than left (or vice versa) you don’t have to pick up everything and rearrange it. and their size makes them easy to store. I have even known some to that fit into school or storage lockers, with students simply wheeling them to and from class.

Pictured: DESIGNA Metal Rolling Storage. Find it here at Amazon, Approx. Retail

Electric Eraser

You can buy the artist in your life their new best friend. No, I mean it. Nothing else will save them so many tears and so much pain caused by nearly ruined work. These little devils erase many hard to remove accidents and can be sanded to a point to create fine details. They’ll also do wonders with tough mediums such as charcoal, color pencil and pastels. Electric erasers are the closest thing you can get to using the ctrl + z button in real life. Pictured above: Sakura SE2000 Electric Eraser. Find it here at Jerry's Artarama, Approx. Retail - $37.49:

Futura Craft Station Worktop

I have this desk at home (which was also a gift) and I love it. It’s relatively light, so its easy for me to position. I also love the glass top, which I use clamp lights back edge turn into a light table. The adjustable angles make it easy for me to get it into the right position and the side compartments and slide out drawer provide me with ample space to place down my supplies. Find it here at Amazon, Approx. Retail - $175.55:

So what did you think of my list? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment with any suggestions, or ideas of cool art gadgets that you might like!

As always Happy Art making; or in this case, Art Giving!

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